"Nellinui" launched!

Simon Tytherleigh in the cockpit of his superb build just before launch.

Click the above image for more pictures and we hope to have an article from Simon & forum discussion soon.

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  • AC 2013
  • Pahi 42 FENUA
  • Fidji 39
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So you think you sail fast?

If you've not seen it before, chose full screen, sit back & enjoy!

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Pahi 42 FENUA

Forum Member Pahifenua Pahi 42 video (recent forum post)

Video Submission

Fidji 39 cruising

Samaya content is off on an Atlantic Circuit.We hope to have updates from the skippers Gireg Devernay, Cédric Bar & Philippe Jourdain .

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Junk rig Pahi 42
Member/builder Bertrand Fercot , and in the Canaries.

Photos here

Seawind 24 Sugar Scoop

Want to copy this mod?
See photos from SW24 link in main menu bar

French Canals


Hirondelle - ideal boat for it?

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